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Sprawdź poszerzoną ofertę
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VIKK in English

VIKK Brand - energy-saving industrial refrigerators.

The Vikk brand is part of the structure of Asten Group Sp. z o.o., which has been operating on the market for 20 years in the following industries: plastics processing, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, design graphic and human resources management.

The main area of ​​application of Vikk equipment is the supply of cooling water to injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extruders, hydraulic presses, laser welders, ventilation devices and technological processes. The brand's offer includes standard devices - efficient, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers in the power range from 2 to 2 500 kW, used to supply machines with water cooling, as well as dedicated devices - aggregates intended for cooling in the cutting process laser, extrusion, welding, CNC metal processing, foil production by extrusion blow molding, blow molding and precision applications.

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Vikk Manager
Piotr Lechowski
Mobile: 696 477 838


Bór 77/81
42-202 Częstochowa
tel./fax: 34 363 37 75